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Volkswagen Golf 1.2 TSI Comfortline Photos

Volkswagen’s Golf 1.2 Tsi Manuel  were designed with the Turkey market in mind, and Volkswagen is hoping to boost sales to an astronomical numbers, as it aims for global dominance of the automotive sector. The engine is so small but because of the Turkey’s tax system, it had to be, but …

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10 Places You Must Visit in Gaziantep

Hello everyone, we had visited Gaziantep for 2 days and i will share what i experinced. I hope you will find answers about where should go, what should eat, what should try, where should see, what are the most delicious foods of Gaziantep. I hope this article be your trip …

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Weird Questions Asked to Student Pilots

When you are a student pilot, you will face some strange questions from your family, friends or relatives..  1- So you will be a pilot after the training ? 2- So you are really flying ? 3- But after you graduate, you will be a first officer ? 4- How an aircraft flies ? …

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